Nikiforos Tailoring & Alterations

Master Chicago Tailor in Downtown Chicago

Quality Tailoring and Alterations Since 1965

Old Water Tower Place
Old Water Tower - a Chicago original
Nikiforos Tailoring & Alterations
Owner/Tailor: Nick Nikiforos
29 E. Madison Ave
Suite 1715
Chicago, IL 60602
*(312) 427-3110*
* - Preferred Method
Mon-Fri 10a.m. - 6pm
Sat 10a.m. - 4pm
Sun Closed
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we were recommended in Esquire's Big Black Book's 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 publications for our Exceptional Quality of Workmanship and Services? Let us show you why Esquire chose us!

Services Provided Cost

Alterations (Hand finished on formal clothes)

Menís and Womenísí Dress Slacks & Pants
   Minor Alterations Hemming pants $17 - $18
Take in waist $17 - $18
Take in crotch and thighs $17 - $20
   Recutting pants (such as significant weight loss) Prices vary from slacks to slacks, depending on the amount of work needed (e.g. high rise, remove pleats, extra large slacks, etc). $65 to $125

Menís/Womenís Jackets, Blazers, and Over Coats
   Minor Alterations Shorten Sleeves $35-$40
Drop the collar $25 - $35
Take in sides of jacket $60-75
   Major Alterations(Recutting) Prices vary from jacket to jacket, depending on the amount of work needed (e.g. shortening shoulders, remove extra material, bulkiness under the shoulders, etc). Menís:

Shorten Coats and Overcoats $65-80

Womenís Skirts
Shorten skirt $25-30
Take in waist and hips $25-35

Womenís Bridal and Evening Dresses
Shorten silk or any evening dress material (done by hand) $35-40
Take in bust $35-40
Take in waist from sides $25
Shorten Straps $15-25

Khakis And Jeans (cotton materials)
Shorten (with regular hem) $12-15
Shorten (with original hemline) $17-18

Nikiforos Tailoring & Alterations