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Nikiforos Tailoring & Alterations
Owner/Tailor: Nick Nikiforos
29 E. Madison Ave
Suite 1715
Chicago, IL 60602
*(312) 427-3110*
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Mon-Fri 10a.m. - 6pm
Sat 10a.m. - 4pm
Sun Closed
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we were recommended in Esquire's Big Black Book's 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 publications for our Exceptional Quality of Workmanship and Services? Let us show you why Esquire chose us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Custom Tailoring Expensive?

In today's fast-paced world of high-speed computing, instant messages, and on-line banking, streamlining long processes has been fine-tuned down to a science. When it comes to mass production there is no better example than the clothing industry, where assembly lines of low-skilled and low-paid laborers create cookie-cutter style clothing.

Fine custom clothing, on the other hand, is an art that honors time, patience and skill. The result is a unique article of clothing, every time. While many businesses try to improve efficiency by cutting corners, custom tailoring has remained true to its nature by following these basic principles:

  • measure each individual to get an accurate fit rather than using generic patterns or templates
  • create the clothing from scratch rather than altering that same generic template
  • design each piece of clothing not only to fit the person comfortably, but also style it to fit the person's body type
  • finish the clothing with a strong emphasis on detail.


What About Alterations? Are They Expensive?

While custom, made-from-scratch clothing may not be for everyone, we also offer expert alterations for both men and women at a very reasonable rate. (This is not the kind of alterations you might get at your local dry cleaner). Do you have clothes that you like, but that don't fit you well? Why not bring them to a master tailor � someone who knows how to change the structure of clothing, someone who designs garments starting with only a piece of fabric and a tape measure?

What are your prices?

Pricing varies, depending on the time and effort required for each order. We believe that we will be able to accommodate your unique needs at a fair and competitive price; and you will have the added knowledge that you are getting expert quality from a master tailor.


Do you make or alter jeans/denim?

We can shorten denim jeans, leaving the original hem if preferrable.


What type of clothing do you not alter?

Leather, kniited clothes, heavy zippers, working jackets, and shirts.


Nikiforos Tailoring & Alterations